In 2011, AGINKO moved all its operations to Marly, Fribourg, Switzerland. We are currently situated on an industrial site here. We provide state of the art environment and a staff with knowledge and experience in all aspects of model care for the various species used in the industry.
We can house small rodents, rabbits, sheep, mini-pigs and goats. With partners we also offer the possibility of conducting preclinical tests on canines.
We have our own surgical suites, animal housing suites for small and large animals, imaging suites and histological laboratory.
Since 2011, our facilities have been successfully audited by 3 of the top 10 orthopaedic companies and they have integrated AGINKO into their vendor lists.
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AGINKO Research AG
AGINKO Research AG, Route de l'ancienne Papeterie 7
1723 Marly , Switzerland