Histology services
In our GLP-compliant laboratory, experienced technicians produce routine and specialty histology for our clients. Our facilities are fully equipped and include microtomes for cutting paraffin and plastic (including whole body) blocs to ensure high quality and reproducible results.
Routine stains for soft tissue include H&E, Saffranin-O, Masson’s trichrome, Verhoeff van Gieson, PAS, Golgi, Von Kossa and Toluidine blue. 
In addition to routine processing of paraffin- and plastic-embedded soft and hard tissue, AGINKO specialises in the processing of plastic-embedded hard with the presence of medical devices.
Other specialities include immunohistochemical labelling and immunohistochemistry development methods.
Data analysis and interpretation can be performed by AGINKO, or if preferred, by the client.















HE staining of a dog tibia 




















Toluidine Blue staining of a dog TROCHLEA 


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