Management Team
Pomme Boissier, PhD
Chief Operating Officer, Study Director 
Pomme Boissier, PhD is a Biological Engineer and holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bern. She has several years of expertise in in vivo studies and molecular biology.
Pomme Boissier joined the company as Study Director. She is also in charge of the commercial development of the company in which she develops and implements strategies for new client acquisition. Furthermore she manages commercial negotiation and maintains relationships with Aginko's customers.
Julien Mermoud, MSc
Study Manager, Chief Operating Officer Assistant 
Julien Mermoud holds a Master of Science in Medical Biology from the University of Lausanne. He has 4 years of experience in research and most especially in in-vitro studies in the field of Molecular Biology and in-vivo studies, coordinating and implementing international multi-center clinical trials phase I-III at the Lausanne University Hospital. Julien is used to work according to national and international regulations, requirements and guidelines (i.e. GCP, GLP, Swissmedic, FDA...).
Julien Mermoud has joined the company as Study Manager. He also takes a leading role in the understanding, organisation and implementation of all client acquisition activities at Aginko Research as Chief Operating Officer Assistant.
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