Osteoporosis models
Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by reduced bone mineral content and altered bone structure leading to bone fragility and fractures.
Aginko offers a large variety of animal species, including rodents, rabbits, dogs and primates. For both primary osteoporosis models and secondary osteoporosis models, the rat is usually the model of choice.

Animal Models:
Primary osteoporosis models:
  • Oophorectomy in female rats 
  • Orchidectomy in male rats

Secondary osteoporosis models:
  • Glucocorticoid treatment in rats - bone immobilisation in rats


Outcome Measurements:
A wide range of measurements in our osteoporosis models can be performed, such as:
  •  In vivo and ex vivo BMD and BMC measurements of cortical and trabecular bones by DEXA, pQCT and microCT
  • Biomechanical testing
  • Physiological bone turnover markers (blood, urine)
  • Ash chemical analysis
  • Histomorphometry, histology

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