Preclinical R&D


The search for new treatments in osteoarticular diseases encompasses the identification of relevant targets, design of interventions and assessment of therapeutic efficiency in relation to bone and cartilage disease.
AGINKO scientists collaborate either as an independent service or as part of an integrated research programme.
Working with AGINKO will ensure that specific objectives are defined and that the work is processed rapidly to generate high quality pre-clinical data facilitating a more accurate translation of the results.
A dedicated, experienced project coordinator will manage all aspects of the research and development programme according to specific company/client needs.
The AGINKO team of expert scientists can assist in the selection and execution of appropriate analytical systems by a sequential approach of in vitro studies, in vivo model development, subsequent in vivo mechanical and therapeutical evaluations and post-study analyses. We deliver added value by specialised scientific interpretation of the data. Following completion of the experimental phase, AGINKO promptly delivers preliminary data followed by a draft report including statistical analyses. A final report, agreed upon with the sponsor, provides a high quality record of the work.
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