Aginko has a medical diagnostic laboratory that offers a comprehensive range of laboratory services to its clients. Aginko has developed its laboratory in the past years to satisfy the clients' need and exceed expectations. 

Our in-house pathologist grades the histological slides with appropriate and project specific grading scales. Reports integrate representative light microscopy pictures.




Aginko provides Contract Histology Services to support pre-clinical and clinical histology of medical research studies in tissue from humans and other species.




We offer:

  • Tissue processing, embedding in paraffin and sectioning at different thickness, staining with standard and/or specific dyes.
  • Image analysis histomorphometry and reporting




We can undertake an extensive range of specialised staining methods to identify specific tissues, cell types and tissue/cell




Aginko has extensive experience in providing immunohistochemistry services to screen healthy and diseases tissues using an extensive range of antibodies directed against specific biomarkers or against cell signalling proteins.




We support Target Validation and Target Distribution Studies by demonstrating and quantifying the expression of a particular target within cells/tissues which can be used either as predictive or prognostic tissue biomarkers in tissues originating from preclinical animal models or from clinical trials.




We offer a complete panel of bone and cartilage turnover markers reflecting the process in formation  and degradation of cartilage or bone. These markers are suitable for cells culture, in different animals species from rodents to mammals, and in blood or urine tests samples.



We have developed a special kit for clinical biopsy of cartilage repair procedures that permits to maintain tissue phenotype for further analysis.


AGINKO offers a wide range of regular staining such as:



  • Hematoxylin&Eosin
  • Safranin O
  • Toluidine Blue
  • Masson Trichrome
  • Alcian Blue
  • Sirius red
  • and others upon request




       Safranin-O staining of Rat Articular Cartilage

Also various immunohistochemistry stainings such as:




  • COLI
  • Aggrecan
  • Osteocalcin
  • CRATC1
  • S100B
  • NRN1


         Collagen I staining of sheep trochlea                     Collagen II staning of sheep condyle



  • NRN1
  • LPL
  • Bone ALP











   Osteocalcin staining zoom of sheep trochlea       Bone ALP staining zoom of sheep condyle defect




Others depending on the Clients' request. 



We also have a cell culture laboratory and are equipped to run cell based research assays. Once the assay is developed and validated, then your samples can be analyzed.

AGINKO continuously develops its stocks and services to satisfy the clients' requests.

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