The benefits of using AGINKO Consulting are:
− Fast and efficient through clean targeting
− Independence and objectivity as 3rd party consultants − Highly experienced technical consultants
− Deep operational experience− Ability to rapidly mobilise and deploy the Technical DD team

Typical scope

TDD typically includes an assessment of Medical devices or Drugs in the field of Joint Disease. Our focus makes the difference compared to generalist TDD consultant. We bring market knowledge.


We conduct also DD on acquisition of Healthcare Providers.
This is achieved through a closely managed process of focused, rapid data collection and assessment of the installed assets, systems, people and practices.




Regulatory Know How





We specialize in helping medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies and health care institutions comply with international regulations. As a result, we are extremely familiar with the following medical device regulations and can perform audits to determine the extent of compliance with:


·  USA - US Food and Drug Administration regulations

·  EUROPE - Medical Devices Directives and CE Marking


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