At AGINKO, our purpose is simple: to make a distinctive contribution to the health and well being of patients around the world. We work in partnership with our customers to increase the speed, precision, and productivity of their development, helping them to create better medical outcomes in the treatment of osteoarticular conditions. AGINKO is dedicated to:

Customer Service
Building lasting customer relationships by focusing on customers' needs and striving to exceed their expectations through flexible, customer-driven solutions.
Creating dynamic, talented teams that work locally and globally, communicate openly, internally and externally, and are passionate about and enjoy the challenges of biomedical research.
Acting with an unwavering commitment to business and scientific integrity; building trust through honest, ethical behavior; acting with respect for others; behaving as responsible members of local communities.
Enhancing our reputation for quality: delivering services and information that meet the most exacting quality standards demanded by customers, doctors, patients and regulatory authorities.

Leading by example, welcoming change and encouraging innovation. Providing an environment of professional learning and development and creating value for shareholders through sustained and profitable growth.
Who Do We Serve?
Our clients include a wide range of companies from large pharmaceutical corporations to medium-sized companies, biotech start-ups and universities.
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AGINKO Research AG
AGINKO Research AG, Route de l’ancienne Papeterie 106
1723 Marly
AGINKO Research AG, Route de l’ancienne Papeterie 106
1723 Marly