Fact 1. The lack of pathologists on the market.
AGINKO is proud to have an in-house pathologist with a wealth of experience in the examination and evaluation of tissue morphology and the high level of expertise in the field of histology, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry.
Fact 2. Unique network and experience.
Concurrently, a unique niche network of experienced pathologists and scientific experts build along the years, allows AGINKO to provide the best, most comprehensive and cost-effective support to its clients.
Fact 3. Digitalised.
AGINKO recognises the true value of digital pathology and eliminates the issues associated with sharing slides such as the degradation of samples and inability to share samples of live cells. 
Fact 4. Full processing.
Our histopathology laboratory can support every stage of the tissue analysis process. Even with biomaterials that are “difficult” or “impossible” to process, our extensive knowledge of materials chemistry enables preservation of intact tissue/material interfaces and even recovery of data from poorly embedded specimens obtained from external histology laboratories.
Fact 5. Stains matter. 
AGINKO offers a wide variety of histological stains from routine to special stains.
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