Consulting services
Scientists at AGINKO possess profound experience in their respective areas of expertise and can serve on client product development teams as consultants without a problem. Insights into deciding experiment types, study periods, timelines, power calculations, combined data interpretations and programming project designs will assist in moving your products through the developmental pipeline. AGINKO’s expertise in the orthopaedic industry is unmatched to our competition, while our cross-service integration is positioned to optimise quality, cost, and time.
AGINKO uses dedicated and experienced staff to actively manage our statisticians, investigators and IRBs.
Our orthopaedic expertise, coupled with our global surgeon relationships, makes AGINKO a valuable musculoskeletal preclinical and clinical research organisation. We will get your product on the market on time and within a budget.
We can also act as your external research team, or we can simply design your trials.
We can also provide you with medical expertise to write your grants, publications or reports.
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