Select your priority level for your analysis:
Standard (7 days)
Priority (3 days)
High Priority (1 day)

Description of your specimen
Frozen native tissue
Soft tissue in formalin solution
Hard tissue in formalin solution, to be decalcified, small size < 3 cm
Hard tissue in formalin solution, to be decalcified, large size > 3 cm
Tissue embedded in paraffin, ready for section

Indicate which staining with the number of slide
Hematoxiline eosine    
Toluidine Blue stain (for mast cell)    
Trichrome stain (Masson method)    
Safranin O    
Alcian blue PAS stain    
Acid fast stain (for mycobacteria)    
Bielshowsky stain (for senile Plaques)    
Bodian's stain    
Congo red stain    
Elastic van Gieson stain    
Fontana Masson stain (for melanin)    
Giemsa (for helicobacter)    
Giemsa modified May Gruenwal (for hematopoietic tissues)    
Gram modified Brown-brenn stain    
Grocott's Methenamine Silver (GSM) stain    
Iron Prussian blue stain    
Jone's Silver stain    
Luxol Fast Blue (LFB) stain    
Mucicarmine stain    
Periodic Acid-Shiff (PAS) stain    
Periodic Acid-Shiff digested stain (PAS-D)    
PTAH stain    
Reticulum stain    
Spirochete stain (Steiner & Steiner method)    
Vonkossa stain (for calcium)    
Unstained cut    
Additional Hematoxiline Eosine on the same block    

Describe the content of your final report
none, only reception of the stained cut
Digital photography, Macro    
Digital photography, Micro    
Histopathological description    


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