Aginko was at the ICRS 2017 Summit in Gothenburg

18 August 2017


Aginko was at the ICRS Heritage Summit in Gothenburg from June 29 to July 1st.

The conference covered a large range of cartilage topic thanks to experts in the cartilage biology, imaging, cartilaginous tissue engineering and translational clinical approaches to treatment of cartilage pathologies.

ICRS celebrated fittingly its 20th Anniversary with a festive evening. 

Thank you for coming at our booth. If you had no time to stop by you can write us anytime

It will be a pleasure to answer your questions and discuss your projects.

To find out more please visit our Twitter account #aginko.

We would like to thank all the visitors for their participation and we are looking forward to more such succesful events in the futur! 

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